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DIY adapter for using SMD test lead tweezer as capacimeter on a economic multimeter


In economic multimeters the connectors for measuring capacitors they are not bushes but rather simple metal sheets.

With few components I've built an adapter to be able to use a test lead tweezer on a multimeter.

I am started from a faulty multimeter, from which I have unsoldered the bushings for test leads.

Highlighted in yellow connectors in which to insert the capacitors to be measured, marked with red positions from which they were stolen bushings

Desoldered bushings

Cutted two small pieces of a copper clad for PCB, 20mm x 5mm x 1mm thickness

Temporarily fastened the bushing on the piece of copper clad using a copper wire

The two bushings soldered on the copper clad

With the adapter you can now measure the SMD capacitors

Or easily measure a capacitor with short leads (eg. unsoldered to make a diagnosis) using alligator clips


For better handling it, i have designed a 3D printable enclosure for the adapter using FreeCAD.

It's available on Thingiverse.


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