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Translations of this page:


I think it, i tinker it, i make it :-)


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Welcome to wiki pages!!!

These pages are available in two languages:

English and Italian. You can find the translation (made by a human being, not automatically) clicking on the flag.

The pages are organized in these main themes:

System admininistration


Renewables and environment

Other channels

What is this site?

Mostly it is a collection of notes taken by me (Alessio Cavalieri), since I prefer to share them with the world, you never know who may serve someone else =), instead of keeping them stored somewhere.

Why itink? What does it mean?

Tinkering. The meaning is deeply rooted in my way of thinking and solving problems, you can also call it hacking or tweaking.

I tink therefore I am - tinkering in English can be translated as thinking with hands, this phrase mimics the phrase “I think, therefore I am”.

Finally, I would like to quote this sentence, this is consistent with my way of thinking:

Do not learn to hack, hack to learn! (found here)

More about the translations

I am a native Italian, the translations are made without great pretensions, I hope you won't find too many mistakes :-)

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