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I think it, i tinker it, i make it :-)


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Vacuum cleaner storage organizer

3D printed tools for optimize the storage of the vacuum cleaner, designed to store a Samsung vacuum cleaner in an Ikea Pax cabinet.


  • 2019 February 25: Added small turbo brush holder
  • 2018 january 6: increased side wall from 1 to 3 millimeters in order to strengthen the structure


The storage organizer system is designed to use the holes for the shelves ikea, the brush holders and the tube holder are tightened via the anchors (provided as model).

The sources in FreeCAD format are available.

Brush holders with anchors detail

Tube holder with anchor detail

Printing instructions

I have printed the object exactly as it appears in the STL file, i have printed with 5 mm brim.


vacuum_cleaner_brush_holder.stl / fcstd → brush holder

vacuum_cleaner_brush_holder_mirror.stl → brush holder mirrored

vacuum_cleaner_tube_holder.stl / fcstd → tube holder

anchor.stl / fcstd → anchor to fix brush holder and tube holder


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