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I think it, i tinker it, i make it :-)


Recent updates:



Base setup

  • activated youarehere
  • added a user to superuser
  • in disableactions: activated Register (no registration possible, users only created by admins)



Official URL:

What is: allows you to customize the sidebar in dokuwiki, providing an automatic populated tree with the namespaces hierarchy

Setup example: after install it you must edit the page sidebar (or en:sidebar if you have the Translation plugin active). In order to provide an automatic populated tree i have put this on en:sidebar page:


it activate the javascript tree.

For escluding some items from index, you must go in Admin → Configuration Settings and insert in plugin»indexmenu»skip_file filed this, i.e. to exclude the sidebar page, it's a regular expression:


Themes examples:

This code:


Make this:













Official URL:

What is: allows you to create a multi-language Dokuwiki, putting in the chain of namespaces a code composed of the ISO code of the language, for example it:start page will start in Italian while en:start page will start in English. They show the flags that allow you to select the language.

  • separate namespaces are used to store translations
  • translated pages need to have the same pagename as the main language page

Setup example: after install it you must edit the template, in order to display the flags for language choice. In example, for default template Dokuwiki, edit the file


by inserting this code:

$translation = &plugin_load('helper','translation');
if ($translation) echo $translation->showTranslations();

i have inserted the code before

<hr class="a11y" />

To complete the setup, in

Admin -> Configuration Settings

in the field plugin»translation»display (Space separated list of translation languages (ISO codes).)

you must insert the 2 letter language code, in example

en it

i want that the Dokuwiki interface change the language according to the selection made in translation plugin, i flagged the field plugin»translation»translateui (Should the start page automatically redirect into a language namespace using browser language detection?)


Official URL:

What is: allows to make the redirect from a namepace to another, eg. when a namespace becomes obsolete and you want to replace it with another

Setup example: after installing it, create in the directory


a file called


containing the list of redirects that you want to perform. For example, In example, i installed the plugin translation and I want the start page of the wiki be “it:start”, so I put this content:

start it:start

if you want to do other redirects, you can add more rows below


Official URL:

What is: allows you to easily display boxes containing notes nice to see

Use example:

 Plain note

<note warning>

<note tip>

<note important>

Make this:

Plain note

Video Share

Official URL:

What is: embed YouTube and other providers videos

Use example:



Official URL:

What is: display changes on wiki

Setup example: after install it you must edit the page sidebar (or en:sidebar if you have the Translation plugin active). In order to provide an automatic populated changes list i have put this on en:sidebar page (excluding the root namespace for italian translations):

Recent updates:

For showing also the changes regarding the media files, i have activated in Admin → Configuration S ettings → plugin»changes»listmedia checkbox.

Upload files with not allowed extensions

If you receive this message when trying to upload a file:

  Upload denied. This file extension is forbidden!

an edit on an Dokuwiki configuration file is needed, you can edit:


for example i have added

stl 	application/sla

in order to enable the upload of the .stl files (3D printing binary file)

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