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I think it, i tinker it, i make it :-)


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LEGO big hand

What is this

LEGO minifigures compatible double sized hand


The thief villain Jack has wounded the policeman Jeff.

Luckily Jeff was rescued by Dr. Alessio, who is a mad scientist who likes to help the toys in difficulty.

After a long and difficult surgery, Jeff received a prosthesis, a special big hand, with this he can firmly hold a big gun and enforce the law again :)

Ps: Jeff now also has a big hammer hand, to be used in difficult situations

For comparision with original LEGO Star Wars weapon:


On GitHub repository are available the STL models and the FreeCAD sources:

big_hand.stl → big hand pritable STL model
big_weapon.stl → big weapon pritable STL model
big_hammer_hand.stl → big hammer hand pritable STL model

big_hand.fcstd → big hand FreeCAD source
big_weapon.fcstd → big weapon FreeCAD source
big_hammer_hand.fcstd → big hammer hand FreeCAD source


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