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PCB holders for CNC milling


CAUTION!!! The author of the thing (Alessio Cavalieri) assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the failure of the retention of the PCB holders and the consequent damage of the CNC and / or personal injuries.


The holders are designed for work on the FABtotum personal fabricator but they can be useful with all desktop CNC milling machines. Suitable for M3 and M4 screws, 4 mm hole on the holder.

I use this holders with two PCBs with 1.6 mm of shim, one used as sacrifical layer.

Printing instructions

I printed the object exactly as it appears in the STL file, with the side sticking on the heated bed, i have printed with 5 mm brim.

The FreeCAD design source and a sample GCODE (4x holders single printing) are available for download on GitHub


PCB_holder_for_milling.stl → STL

PCB_holder_for_milling.fcstd → FreeCAD source

4x_PCB_holder_for_milling_PLA_210-60_infill_15_brim_5mm.gcode → Sample GCODE for print the object with FABtotum personal fabricator, sliced with Slic3r


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