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I think it, i tinker it, i make it :-)


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Meltdown and Spectre pencils holders

This is a set of two pencils holders themed, based on the logos of Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

Printing advices

I have printed all the two pencils holders scaled at 50%, some differences for infilling and perimeters:

Meltdown: 10% infill 2 perimeters

Spectre: 25% infill, 4 perimeters or above, depending on nozzle diameter. It is not necessary increase the number of perimeters for strengthen the structure but to prevent the print head from being made to bounce too much during printing, increase it up to until the infill disappear from the outer walls of the ghost, the external walls must become made only of perimeters.

How i Designed this

I designed the two pencils holders with FreeCAD, extruding the 2D SVG files from the logos into mesh objects, and subsequently cutted with a 20 degree angle on the top.

My work has made possible thanks to the availability of the 2D logos. The author of the logos Natascha Eibl has published her work on the website and released it under CC0 license, thanks very much for this!!!

FreeCAD source is available for edit / remix.


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