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I think it, i tinker it, i make it :-)


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Bulldog Lite on FABtotum

Bulldog Lite feeder on the FABtotum personal fabricator

The test is based on this setup:

FABtotum personal fabricator 1.0
FABui v0.93
FABlin 1.0.0091
Hybrid head 1.0 (j-head with 0.35 mm nozzle)

A new bowden tube is attached to the head and original bowden is still attached on original feeder.

I have made this simple adapter in order to use the Bulldog lite with the original cabling without make any modification and restore easily the original feeder.

Steps per unit in the wiring diagram are for Bulldog XL
Do not connect or disconnect the stepper motor to the TOTUMduino with the FABtotum powered on, you can burn the stepper driver SOLDERED on the board

Before start to print is necessary set the steps per unit for E axis with

M92 E96.4585

command and store it into the EPROM with the


command (this operation is valid for FABlin firmware in the FABtotum but also for Marlin firmware on a generic RepRap printer).

The sample print is sliced with Slic3r, without using retraction.

The connector used in adapter was recovered from a broken CD-ROM drive board.



Special thanks to Gianluca Faletti (aka Kino), for hints on steps per unit calculation.

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