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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ( Bionic Beaver ) - notes on setup

Useful applications and programs

Some applications that i have installed, with the respective package to install

For install from terminal (CLI): use the command

$ sudo apt-get install packet_name


program/application name (explanation) packet_name info url


Emacs (text editor) emacs Wikipedia


gThumb (gThumb is a free and open-source image viewer and organizer, useful for printing photos) gthumb Wikipedia


nmap (security / ip port network scanner) nmap Wikipedia

but is also possible install the programs via the Ubuntu Software Center by clicking the icon on the launcher

Ubuntu Software Center icon

Auto Start Up an Application

  1. Click the Dash Home icon (or tap Super), type 'Startup Applications' to search for the application and run it.
  2. Click the “Add” button.
  3. Name a program.
  4. Click the “Browse” button and navigate to “Computer” > usr > bin, where programs are usually installed.
  5. Select a program, click the “Open” button followed by the “Add” button.


SSH and X

To enable X forwarding as default when connected via SSH on other host, in the file


made this modifications

ForwardAgent yes
ForwardX11 yes
ForwardX11Trusted yes

Emacs and corrupted font

Emacs display squares instead of characters when remoted connected (Emacs launched via X). Create the file file ~/.Xdefaults containing

emacs*font: 7x14

and execute

xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults

this is at once setup, for make it permanent, create a file called i.e. with this content:

xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults

and save it in the directory


Source for some info:

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