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Privacy (Italian law’s art.13 D.Lgs. 196/2003): data that participants in the site confer upon their enrollment is limited to e-mail address and are required in order to receive notification of the publication of a post.

In order to post a comment instead, in addition to email, you are prompted to enter your name, which may not be published along with the comments posted by the user, while the e-mail address is used only to send news of the site.

The opinions and comments posted by users and the information and data contained therein will not be used for other purposes than to their publication on the site, in particular, is not foreseen aggregation or selection in specific databases.

Possible treatments for statistical purposes in the future could be going to run the site will be conducted solely on an anonymous basis. While the spread of the details of the user and those detectable by the comments posted must be understood directly attributed to the initiative‘s the same, we guarantee that no other hypothesis of transmission or distribution of the same is, therefore, expected.

In any case, the user has the option at any time to exercise the rights referred to Italian law’s art.13 D.Lgs. 196/2003. To enforce these rights, you may apply directly to the Data Processing of Personal Data at

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