Ikea Trones shoe storage cabinets 3d printed adhesive mount plate

The shoe storage cabinets Ikea Trones require fixing because otherwise opening it becomes unbalanced and tilts forward, to mount close to the passage of water pipes in the bathroom and at the same time not wanting to pierce with drill tiles, I designed with FreeCAD this plate.

Wiki: http://itink.it/wiki/doku.php?id=en:tinkering:3dprinting:myowncreatedobjects:ikeatronesmountplate

Thing on Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1018976

1_positioning ikea_trones_adhesive_mount_plate_preview_featured

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Bulldog Lite on FABtotum

Bulldog Lite feeder on the FABtotum personal fabricator

Wiki: http://itink.it/wiki/doku.php?id=en:tinkering:3dprinting:moddingandtesting:bulldogliteonfabtotum

Forum: http://forum.fabtotum.cc/showthread.php?2439-Bulldog-Lite-on-FABtotum&p=13799#post13799

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3D printable enclosure for capacimeter test lead tweezer adapter

For better handling it, i have designed a 3D printable enclosure for the adapter using FreeCAD.

It’s available on Thingiverse.

Further detail on the wiki.


IMG_4182 IMG_4179

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DIY adapter for using SMD test lead tweezer as capacimeter on a economic multimeter

In economic multimeters the connectors for measuring capacitors they are not bushes but rather simple metal sheets.

With few components I’ve built an adapter to be able to use a test lead tweezer on a multimeter.

I am started from a faulty multimeter, from which I have unsoldered the bushings for test leads.

Continue on wiki.

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Safe unspool printing material on FABtotum

To prevent a bloated wire jamming in the tube during the unspool, i use this procedure, a scissor or another tool is necessary to cut the wire.

  •  Be sure the feeder is engaged and rise the extruder temperature at 200°C
  • wait 2 minutes the target temperature is reached
  • push the release mechanism and extract the bowden tube from head
  • cut away the inflated wire
  • execute the unspooling procedure under the maintenance menu or unspool manually using the jog menu

Forum post: http://forum.fabtotum.cc/showthread.php?2099-Howto-safe-unspool-printing-material

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Hexagon AO mounted on FABtotum protohead

Some updates about my protohead and Hexagon AO extruder for FABtotum, photos on G+ album and further detail on forum






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heating test of Hexagon AO extruder with my protohead 0.2b for FABtotum

Fan ON at 50% power (M106 S128 command) and heating the Hexagon AO extruder with current measurement.

The heater cartdridge, the thermistor and the fan are connected to my protohead for FABtotum personal fabricator 3D printer / CNC mill

Forum thread:

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Upload files with not allowed extensions in Dokuwiki

Dokuwiki logo
Have you tryed to upload a file on Dokuwiki and received a “Upload denied. This file extension is forbidden!” message?

Click here!

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FABtotum heated bed pin protection

Heated bed pin protection for FABtotum personal fabricator 3D printer


Thingiverse thing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:779819

Google Plus photo album: https://plus.google.com/photos/100988509129759595253/albums

Forum thread: http://forum.fabtotum.cc/showthread.php?1636-FAB-community-created-parts

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3D printed handle for granny’s freezer

How 3D printing can help a granny? For example with a freezer’s door handle more comfortable :-)

With original handle:

With my handle:

The red is a perfect color for my grandmother, her surname is Ferrari :-)

Further detail on the wiki

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