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FABtotum dust cleaner after milling

3D printed tool for clean the dust and debris inside of the FABtotum Personal Fabricator after milling. The hose adapter it’s designed to be connected on a vacuum cleaner via a corrugated tube of 25 mm outer diameter. The main

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Wood nameplate for montessori bed: Giulio

Some time ago, my friend Cristian started a job: a montessori bed for the son of our friend Teresa, Giulio. I have decided to complete the nice work of Cristian with a name plate CNC crafted, quite a challenge because

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Wood letters reverse engineering: ARIANNA

Four years ago was born my son and my parents gifted me some wooden letters for composing the name ANDREA. Recently it’s born my daughter Arianna, why not clone some letters for make myself the newborn’s name? Further details on

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