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Hexagon AO mounted on FABtotum protohead

Some updates about my protohead and Hexagon AO extruder for FABtotum, photos on G+ album and further detail on forum        

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FABtotum heated bed pin protection

Heated bed pin protection for FABtotum personal fabricator 3D printer Thingiverse thing: Google Plus photo album: Forum thread:

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3D printed handle for granny’s freezer

How 3D printing can help a granny? For example with a freezer’s door handle more comfortable With original handle: With my handle: The red is a perfect color for my grandmother, her surname is Ferrari Further detail on the wiki

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Installing EAGLE on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit

A common issue during installation in Ubuntu is that the installer cannot find library. After installing these libraries, EAGLE can run also as portable app, i have copied it in a Dropbox directory and i use it across several

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