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LEGO Gale Crater

It’s a set of LEGO compatible baseplates, with two plate dimensions: 10×10 pins (80×80 mm) and 20×20 pins (160×160 mm) They are designed to fit with regular LEGO bricks in order to create a martian terrain scenery. Find more on

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Foppapedretti stroller reinforcement

3D printed reinforcement for reducing the tissue wear, it works like a vise, redistributing the weight of the baby legs between upper (thicker) and lower tissue (thinner). View all on wiki and / or get the thing on Thingiverse

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3D printed template for soldering SMD connectors

Using a 3D printed object as a template / clamp, you can solder more easily SMD connectors. Soldering flux has been used, then at the end of the welding the circuit should be washed using isopropyl alcohol, the solder flux

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FABtotum: PCB milling and drilling

This is only a partial video of entire workflow, i think to make a full workflow video, please click on like button or subscribe if you are interested / leave a comment in forum’s thread PCB Milling and drilling with

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Installation of FlatCAM 8.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit

Updated the Wiki  

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FABtotum dust cleaner after milling

3D printed tool for clean the dust and debris inside of the FABtotum Personal Fabricator after milling. The hose adapter it’s designed to be connected on a vacuum cleaner via a corrugated tube of 25 mm outer diameter. The main

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Vacuum cleaner storage organizer

3D printed tools for optimize the storage of the vacuum cleaner, designed to store a Samsung vacuum cleaner in an Ikea Pax cabinet More infos on wiki other resources: Wiki: GitHub: Thing on Thingiverse: Google Plus photo

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Wood nameplate for montessori bed: Giulio

Some time ago, my friend Cristian started a job: a montessori bed for the son of our friend Teresa, Giulio. I have decided to complete the nice work of Cristian with a name plate CNC crafted, quite a challenge because

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LEGO big hand

LEGO minifigures compatible double sized hand More infos on the wiki: Sources available on Github: Thingiverse:

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PCB holders for CNC milling

The holders are designed for work on the FABtotum personal fabricator but they can be useful with all desktop CNC milling machines. Suitable for M3 and M4 screws, 4 mm hole on the holder. I use this holders with two

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