Month: April 2015

heating test of Hexagon AO extruder with my protohead 0.2b for FABtotum

Fan ON at 50% power (M106 S128 command) and heating the Hexagon AO extruder with current measurement. The heater cartdridge, the thermistor and the fan are connected to my protohead for FABtotum personal fabricator 3D printer / CNC mill Forum

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Upload files with not allowed extensions in Dokuwiki

Have you tryed to upload a file on Dokuwiki and received a “Upload denied. This file extension is forbidden!” message? Click here!

Posted in Dokuwiki, System administration, WEB publishing and tools

FABtotum heated bed pin protection

Heated bed pin protection for FABtotum personal fabricator 3D printer Thingiverse thing: Google Plus photo album: Forum thread:

Posted in 3D printing, CAD, FABtotum, Tinkering

3D printed handle for granny’s freezer

How 3D printing can help a granny? For example with a freezer’s door handle more comfortable With original handle: With my handle: The red is a perfect color for my grandmother, her surname is Ferrari Further detail on the wiki

Posted in 3D printing, CAD, Tinkering

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