Month: February 2015

Installing EAGLE on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit

A common issue during installation in Ubuntu is that the installer cannot find library. After installing these libraries, EAGLE can run also as portable app, i have copied it in a Dropbox directory and i use it across several

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Wood letters reverse engineering: ARIANNA

Four years ago was born my son and my parents gifted me some wooden letters for composing the name ANDREA. Recently it’s born my daughter Arianna, why not clone some letters for make myself the newborn’s name? Further details on

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Must to try soon: cirQWizard

Must to try soon: cirQWizard It’s is a CAM to produce GCODE for milling / drilling printed circuit boards (PCB) with a CNC milling machine, designed for Cirqoid “As it is, it’s perfectly matched to work with Cirqoid machines. But,

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